IEEE CIS Task Force on ADP and RL in Power and Energy Internet

Technical Committee on Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS)


The main goal of this task force is to present the application status and development trends of Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning (ADP and RL) control and optimization techniques in power and energy Internet (PEI) that involves various types of new electric power grid, oil, natural gas and other energy network nodes interconnected, promote the research on ADP and RL theory and methods for control & operation of PEI, organize focused workshops and special sessions on ADP and RL related technologies of PEI, and others. This task force will bring together academics, engineers and practitioners active in the fields of PEI, ADP and RL, and computational intelligence, etc. We hope through such activities, this task force could play an important role to utilize the ADP and RL methods and techniques for PEI and next generation electric power and energy systems.